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The largest crater on Earth.
This theory tries to explain The Pacific Drop, the event that caused the Great Flood (The Deluge), by analyzing the Ocean Floor Drag Marks Pattern, to explain continental Drift and early Human Migration paths for Paleo-Indians, and Neandertal sites, showing possible routes for the America's prehistoric peoples.
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Pacific drop

Concept model.
Drag Marks - Ocean Floor.
Why the Paleomap is wrong.
Ghost Continents
How we find and work our map's.

The crater:
This map on the right shows broken ring border of the crater.
Blasted borders of the crater.
Rupture and spread of border.
Vortex Rings from blast.

Click Map to see a larger version.
Passive margins
Example of passive margin
Active margins
Example of
active margin
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Parcial view of Earth before the event.

This theory is like a quilt of information, you have to look at all the pieces to undestand, and it is also a work in progress, meaning we are still researching and adding and uploading relevant content as we can. Tk you : )
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22 - Wish List I
A different approach.
.png 9.8 mb (download)
.pdf 28.7 mb (download)
21 - Final considerations II: Old Crust = dead fossil / New Crust = living fossil.
.png 12.4 mb (download)
.pdf 35.4 mb (download)
20 - Final considerations I: Tectonic Plates, Continental drift, and Pangea.
.png 15.5 mb (download)
.pdf 46.3 mb (download)
19 - Drag Marks Pattern I
.pdf 37.4 mb (download)

18 - Plato, Athens, Atlantis
and the Boto.
.png 7.7 mb (download)
.pdf 20.9 mb (download)
17 - Hot Spots II - What happenned? Asia tracks.
.png 21 mb (download)
.pdf 24 mb (download)
16 - Hot Spots I - Pattern & borders similarities.
.png 22 mb (download)
.pdf 37 mb (download)
15 - Drag Marks V
Solving migration puzzles.
.png 20 mb (download)
.pdf 30.5 mb (download)

Drag Marks Resources
Drag Marks Pattern II - Extra Maps
Maps for GPlates
Google Pins
You Tube video

.zip and .jpg files

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Oct - 2017

14 - Drag Marks IV
Problem's reconstructing
.png 11.4 mb (download)
.pdf 44.1 mb (download)
13 - Drag Marks III
Ridge 07
.png 16.8 mb (download)
.pdf 69.1 mb (download)

12 - Drag Marks II
Pangea misleading concept
.png 18.7 mb (download)
.pdf 31.2 mb (download)
11 - Drag Marks I
Appereance versus age.
.png 18.1 mb (download)
.pdf 23.3 mb (download)

10 - Pacific Drop
.png 8.8 mb (download)
.pdf 30.4 mb (download)
09 - The Crater
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08 - Ghost Continents I
.png 14.6 mb (download)
.pdf 24 mb (download)
07 - What if ?
.png 8.5 mb (download)
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06 - Old Earth, New Earth.
.png 13.9 mb (download)
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05 - The Puzzle
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.pdf 48.8 mb (download)

04 - The Event
.png 10.7 mb (download)
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03 - The Comet
.png 4.5 mb (download)
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02 - Ring of Fire
.png 10.3 mb (download)
.pdf 38.9 mb (download)
01 - Ocean Floor Ridges
.png 8.9 mb (download)
.pdf 17.1 mb (download)

Archaeological and Anthropological evidence:

Easter Island was built as a stone theater to describe how this event took place, and we show part of this interpretation here.
Ana o Keke at Poike
.png 14.1 mb (download)
.pdf 49.2 mb (download)
Poike, first act
.png 15.4 mb (download)
.pdf 25 mb (download)

Tongakiri, second act.
.png 15.6 mb (download)
.pdf 68.9 mb (download)
Akivi, last act.
.png 7.9 mb (download)
.pdf 71 mb (download)

The Great Flood, various flood myths and their reported place.
The Great Flood, quilt, part I
.png 4.8 mb (download)
.pdf 5.7 mb (download)
The Great Flood, quilt, part II
.png 4.2 mb (download)
.pdf 1.8 mb (download)

Rock Art and more...
Rock-art in Brazil.
.png 19.3 mb (download)
.pdf 29. mb (download)
Rock-art: Toca da Nega.
.png 20.4 mb (download)

Titicaca and Mesopotamia.
.png 14.8 mb (download)
.pdf 40 mb (download)

The precise date for this event still debatable. The Pacific drop covered more them 20.000 km., and is estimated to have taken around 11 hours from touch down to vanish point.
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